Sitting in a tow truck

As I sit quite comfortable yet very uncomfortable, life (in my mind) takes another turn. I feel unfortunate yet lucky, vulnerable yet strong.
I sit I think. I sit & I think.
Life just feels off, but at the same time it feels that things have been put in perspective. Sometimes when bad things happen (such as a car breaking down on exam day) could be a sign that I’m just not in the right place, but not only that, it’s that gut feeling that there is something more out there..?
But then I am slowly reigned in by the echoes of people who actually see my life as great. Good job, great potential etc…
But then again, when you know (that there’s more to daily life)….you just know.


INFJ problems

This is my day to day, particularly the 1st and last statements!


‘the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.’

Simply listen to it! When your gut tells you something believe it or not…it’s usually right. It could be in your day to day  life that something…does not feel right. It may not be bad, nor good. Just not excellent.
Do we not however deserve to live a life of genuine happiness? (that innate real happiness, not the fake society type?)

Question is: How do we create this life I speak of? Does it even exist? Do we just continue on & say “Ah what will be will be?”
Are we being too hard on ourselves?
The answer to the above, I reckon is no. Happiness should be given to everyone who is in search for it. Remember being free is our birth right!
If you feel this, it’s time to find your true authentic happiness. It must be hiding somewhere, or maybe we in fact are hiding from it? 

Intuition 3